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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Updated Version Released for

I wish to thank all of you who participated in the poll and sent me emails. Based on the feedback provided by you and my own analysis, I have made many improvements to the site and added some new features.  You can check out the new version by going to These have been designed to improve the usability of the site and help everyone get a more comprehensive and accurate picture as to state of “premiums” in the market and provide a reliable signal as to how close we are to a breaking point in the market for Paper vs. Physical Gold.

 New features in this release are:

1. You have an option to view the premiums as a percentage or the absolute value.
2. Both absolute and percentage values for the premiums can be viewed as either a smoothed graph (rolling average) or raw data (a bit more spikey).
3. Price data can be viewed in multiple currencies. The forex rates used for conversions are always obtained in real-time. Right now there are 14 currencies. Let me know via email if you need more currencies.
4. For each weight denomination, data is now being obtained from multiple dealers so as to get a better idea about the state of the premiums in the market. For a particular dealer, only the lowest price for a particular weight denomination is obtained. An average is also calculated and displayed so as to get an overall idea.
5. For all weight denominations, current price data can be now exported as an Excel file.
6. You can download chart snapshots as image files.

Make sure to review the “Data Collection” and “Charts Guide” sections of the website as they explain in detail how the new process for data collection, data display and how the charts work.

Features Scheduled for Next Release:

1. Embeddable charts
2. Inclusion of dealers/products outside the US.

If you wish to see any more features or have a suggestion about improving the usability of the site, please DO email me. My email address is visible here:


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