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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Its Time to Collapse the System

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.                                                                        

-- Martin Niemöller, Nazi camp prisoner

‘I’m furious with myself,’ he said. ‘I had so many opportunities to move my money abroad but was taken in by all the promises that any attempt to raid my savings was a red line not to be crossed. Experts said it was against the law. Now, I’ve lost several thousand euros. As someone who is retired, the money in my account is all I have to live on for the rest of my life.
  ‘What’s really upset people is that they’ve been lied to. They were told that their money was safe and that they shouldn’t move it and then they announce this. Everyone’s accounts are frozen and the ATMs have no money. Some people are struggling to get enough cash together to buy food and water...[people] just feel that they’ve been robbed by the Government.’ 

--Chris Drake (Former BBC Middle East correspondent, retired to Cyprus) via 

(All emphasis mine)

So what are you going to do? Are you going to place your faith in the "authorities" like Mr. Drake did? Will you wait for them to rape and pillage you? Or are you going to take matters into your own hands. It's time to take responsibility for yourself and your loved ones. The Government and the Banksters ain't gonna save you. And if you think what happened in Cyprus this weekend is a "one-off" and it can't happen to you - even if you're outside the Eurozone - think again. The fact of the matter is that this was THEFT of private property - pure and simple. And just because it was performed by mafia dressed up in Government regalia and bearing authoritative three letter acronyms (ECB, IMF et. al. - all banker fronts) doesn't mean it wasn't one. This shows us that the Government and the bankster mafia who control them are willing to go to any length to have the public reimburse their “losses” and transfer public wealth into their own pockets. And they just declared outright war against the public.

Anybody in Spain or Italy who's watching what's happening in Cyprus and doesn't withdraw their money RIGHT THIS MOMENT from their banks deserves what's coming their way. This is as loud and clear as it gets folks. And it’s not just Spain or Italy or Greece or even the entire Soviet European Union – it’s the whole world. You won't get a personal warning letter from your feudal overlords government. And you can't say you weren't warned.

But it's not just enough to withdraw your money from the banks. That's just the first step. A global financial tsunami has been brewing and the waters have been receding for a while. It is upto you to pay attention to the signs and get as far away from the coast as possible which means you need to withdraw completely from the system to safeguard your hard earned wealth. The global monetary system today is nothing more than a giant global pyramid scheme which is now collapsing (hence all the "crises"). Just as in a Ponzi scheme, those who get out first will suffer the least amount of losses. But before I explain how to get out of the system, we need to understand what “the system” is. Also remember, this system is same in all the countries today.

Will you be one of these people?

A Crisis Created by the Banksters

So what is this "crisis" in Europe that we all keep hearing about? That every one of the citizens must sacrifice an arm and a leg if we are to avert Armageddon? What would happen if we don't bail out the banks and let them collapse? Would it really be so bad? The "authorities" in our academia and government would have us believe that "the crisis" is born of "natural" causes i.e. it is simply a fact/force of nature. It's nobody's fault! Greed is simply human nature and these things happen. It's the damned "business cycle". Now we must all come together like the obedient little slaves that we are and engage in shared sacrifice to "solve it" and save everyone, especially the banks.

One word: BULLSHIT.

Well, the cause of "the crisis" goes to the very heart of how our monetary/currency system operates today.

The Money

If we are to understand the crisis, first we must understand money - a topic which the masses have deliberately been kept ignorant about. A complex economy such as ours consists of a multitude of goods and services which can be in varying demands at various points of time. Hence a medium of exchange is required that acts as a proxy for all the goods and services in the market (so as to enable complex exchanges) and in the process provides information about their relative demand and supply in the market via price signals (even interest rates are nothing but price signals - the price of money and since money is a proxy for all the resources in an economy - the price at which excess capital in the economy is available for utilization). Producers and consumers then use this information to decide on the allocation of resources - what to produce, how much to produce, etc. For this allocation process to be efficient (i.e. satisfy the wants and needs of everyone with the least amount of wastage) it must be essentially decentralized, since a single entity CANNOT know what everyone wants. This is why the Soviet Union collapsed.

Money, then, is an information mechanism which lets the producers and consumers perform calculations as to the most efficient allocation of resources at any given point of time (a software, if you will, controlling the hardware of the economy). It must be some good that is universally acceptable - that the market has "elected". And just as you need a standard scale of unvarying length to perform measurements of distance, you need a substance whose supply remains fairly constant over long periods of time to perform calculations of economy. Fortunately, the market discovered such a substance fairly long ago - Gold (as evidence that it is the substance, I present Gold's highest stocks to flow ratio of any "commodity" and the only one whose demand does not vary with supply). Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, it all went horribly wrong.

How It All Went Wrong

Now imagine someone wanting to control the economy for their benefit; wanting to have something for nothing i.e. somebody who wants to STEAL from those who are productive. Enter the mafia banksters. All they would need to do is control the medium of exchange or money and voila! But there's only so much Gold to go around. What if you want to appropriate unlimited resources from the economy for your benefit? You need something you can create at will. Enter paper money. So gradually, over period of time, operating behind the curtains, banksters in cahoots with the politicians replaced paper receipts for Gold (just take a look at the higher denomination US dollars circa late 1920’s) with paper tickets backed by NOTHING. An IOU for Gold became an I-O-U-Nothing. Knowing their worthless paper money wouldn't be a voluntary choice, they enlisted the Government as their enforcer and accomplice using bribes and threats (hence the legal tender laws, and for those of you who don’t know or remember, I present the Executive Order 6102). Hurrah! Now they could print and spend as much as they wanted! But alas, there is a fly in the ointment - if they directly used this paper money, the currency would quickly dilute and the scam would fall apart. What to do? Yup, "lend" the money. Thus began the creation of the biggest Empire of Debt backed by the most powerful mafia the world has ever seen.

A Global Ponzi Scheme

So this is how the scam works. Realize that the bankers need to do two things:
1.      Keep creating new money supply
2.      Keep extracting the already created money

Make no mistake, the second is as essential as the first otherwise the money supply would increase too fast in relation to the goods and services produced, the currency would decline in purchasing power too quickly and the scam would fall apart. They first need to ensure that you do the work and create production for them to appropriate via the extracted money (and maybe some freshly printed money on the side – who’s watching anyway?).

They achieve the first by loaning new money out of thin air (mostly via entries in a computer today). The Banks[1] "lend" "money" to both the Government (government bonds) and the citizens (credit card, home loans, etc.). Lending to the government is an important part of the scheme as they have to bribe the enforcer of their scheme. The politicians don’t give a shit, its free money so far as they are concerned - it is the citizens who will pay it back. Plus who doesn’t love unlimited free money? The Government can issue as many bonds as it desires knowing the Central Bank[2] stands ready to buy all of them with freshly printed money, if other morons don’t. The banksters also ensure that there will always be a demand for loans as lending means they demand paying back of the principal as well as the interest. But realize this: they NEVER created money for the interest, only the principal. So how will someone – whether government or citizens – ever pay back the interest? They can’t. They’ll have go bowl on hand to – you guessed it – the banksters. This is why debt in all the nations (both government and private) always increases. Increasing debt is a feature of the system, not a bug. The system is operating exactly as was designed -  to trap the people in perpetual debt slavery. And contrary to what you may hear from “experts” and the MSM, the amount of debt in the society will never go down and will never be repaid but - as I will explain below – only end with the collapse of the currency system.

Now this demand for repayment also ties in to the second part of their scheme – extraction. This is how they do it:

1.      A huge portion of the Government taxes you pay go towards paying the interest on the government bonds which the bankers own i.e. indirectly your taxes are being paid to the bankers. No wonder the IRS and the Federal Reserve came into being together.
2.      A huge section of the society is always in debt. This is not hard to fathom – a huge portion of your income is extracted via taxes and loan payments on your personal debt. Now, personal debt is not a choice under such a system as availability of unlimited money (credit) for goods in the economy creates price inflation making them out of reach for most people unless they take on debt. Just ask around – how many of your colleagues, friends, relative are in debt? Yup.

Do you see the evil genius of it? Basically the banksters have created a system where they give money from one hand, take it back from the other – all the while making you run on the treadmill of jobs (slavery) – THEIR slavery. They are free to spend the extracted money-out-of-thin-air as they want but you have to do productive work for it. Make no mistake – this is modern day slavery - earlier they used chains and whips, now they use debt.

But What Does All This Have To Do With “The Crisis”?

Everything. Because there remains yet another fly in the ointment, which even the bankers don’t have a solution for as its genesis lies in the very system they have created – central control of money. This central control of money causes huge misallocations in the economy. What is a misallocation?  There is a lot to this which I can’t cover in this article such as manipulation of interest rates, so I recommend you do a bit of your own research (especially refer to the work of Austrian economists such as Mises), but briefly: Since the money is now centrally controlled for the benefit of the few (government and the banksters), all the price signals go haywire. Money is handed out to connected but incompetent people who produce NOTHING, people who produce are taxed to death and money is transferred to insiders in the money system, investments are made where none are required (e.g. real estate) which results in things being produced which have no demand whereas things that have demand (e.g. food) are not produced. The inefficiencies in the system become huge and vast productive resources are wasted. There is a whole bunch of consumers and spenders (including the banksters) but not a lot of producers. All of which means that over time two things happen in such a system:

1.      Overall money supply increases but the extractions start to decline. This is because loans are being made but not as many of them get paid back.
2.      The amount of goods and services (which people want anyways) available in the economy also start to decline.

An increasing money supply and declining production results in the decimation of the currency’s purchasing power as evidenced in the charts below. These charts are for the USD, but hold true for every currency in the world today:

Unlimited Money...

...leads to Unlimited Debt

And the corresponding chart for price of Gold:

Gold price since 1973 (before this it was “fixed” at $35 an ounce after the 1933 robbery). Just to be clear, it is not the gold that is rising, but the USD that is declining.

The Dollar's Purchasing Power Since the Creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913

If you take the limit case for the last chart, you get hyperinflation – the currency becomes worthless (which correspondingly means Gold becomes literally priceless – remember, it is the real money) and the game is over – and as you can see, we are VERY close to it. No more looting. This is what the banksters are so afraid of and this is the “crisis”their need to continue pillaging the people. They NEED the extractions to continue, not only because it is their “income” and to prevent “losses” (both these terms mean nothing to someone who owns the money supply as they can always create more) but because otherwise the money supply would increase exponentially (the bad loans already made). This would kill their franchise - the currency. This is also why they can’t just print up and use any amount of currency they need.

But eventually the misallocations become so huge that there is nothing left to extract. The productive citizens have already been bled dry. This need for extractions is what is behind all the demands for “austerity”, the reason for directly robbing the bank accounts of the people. But no matter how much they extract, it doesn’t make a difference because the misallocations will always keep on increasing. The currency is doomed. They might be able to slow the process but hyperinflation is guaranteed in a fiat money system. Eventually, it only matters who gets out first before the currency collapses. So the only question is:

Will you get out in time?

What happened in Cyprus is simply an overt manifestation of what they've been doing all along. It’s just that up until now there were enough productive resources in the economy for them to extract. But as the malinvestments increase and the productive base of the economy keeps on shrinking, as it must for reasons outlined above, they will directly try to appropriate private assets to "cover their losses" (keep the franchise alive). Which means they will need to employ ever more forceful tactics to subdue the populace. Cyprus is just a test run by the global banking oligarchs. Once they are aware of and have prepared for the fallout, they WILL implement this in every nation on earth. How long before you think they will come for you? It’s only a matter of time.

So What to Do?

By now it must be clear that if this looting scheme has to ever end, this fake money system has to end. And whether you like it or not, end it will because as outlined above, the system contains in itself the very seeds of its destruction. Think of it as virus - a parasite - that has infected an otherwise healthy global economy which must be rid of. A forest fire, if you will, that must clear the dead plants (malinvestments) to make way for the new. It is the law of nature. But if the host - YOU - doesn't fight back, the parasite of global banksters will kill the host alongwith itself. If you don’t collapse the system, the system will collapse you. Do you wish to sink with the collapsing system or be one of the survivors to begin a new one?

There are two interdependent objectives at play here. If you choose to take steps for one, the other automatically follows:

1.      Healing the economy: The system must be collapsed for the much needed capital reallocations to productive hands to begin. Sure, collapse is a guaranteed outcome, but the sooner it happens, the lesser the damage to the economy and faster the recovery.
2.      Preservation of wealth: By this I don’t mean preservation of the fiat digits in your account. Wealth is not currency notes but the real resources and people of this world. When the reallocations start you need to be ready either by already owning productive assets (whatever is left of them) such as farmland etc. or claims to them that will be universally honored (Gold).

Yes, the global bankster oligarchy is powerful. It’s David vs. Goliath, I know. But as powerful as the Goliath is, he has a weak spot you can hit:

The Currency

Think of this as guerrilla war. There is no sense in outright confronting a huge and powerful enemy because you will be decimated. But there are peaceful and strategic yet powerful steps you can take, namely: Vote with your feet. Reject the currency. The system cannot survive if you don’t participate. I know you can’t do it overnight but you can start to minimize your participation. And know this: If a majority of you does even one of the below, the system will collapse overnight without so much as a shot fired. Here is what you need to do:

1.      Leave as little cash as practically possible inside the banking system. As a rough guide, keep only that much which you are willing to lose (as in 100% loss). Yes the banks will collapse, but that is the desired outcome. Contrary to what the authorities want you to believe, we will survive just fine without the banks. Sure, there will be some short-term hardships involved but think of it as an alcoholic recovering. Longer term it will be healthier. Don’t fear “the contagion”

"Clearly this is a negative development for European assets but in the terms of contagion we think it is quite limited,"
--Guillermo Felices, Head Euro Asset Allocation, Barclays

What this guy means is that he thinks people aren’t clever enough to realize that the banksters are going to loot everyone. He expects people to bend over and take it. Prove him wrong. Let the damn contagion begin!

2. DO NOT be invested in any paper securities inside the system such as bonds, stocks, derivatives of ANY kind, even though they may be "guaranteed" by the mafia government and/or may carry "AAA" ratings. If you still trust "sovereign guarantees" or rating agencies after all that has happened, I'm sorry but you deserve to lose your money. Dump ALL paper assets. Now.

3. Convert the maximum possible amount of your fiat money into Gold and Silver, but remember to pay cash only and hide them in a secure location which you can access anytime (and as of the great Cypriot robbery, no bank lockers are safe anymore). If you need to understand why it is important to buy Gold and why this will preserve your wealth – especially during a currency collapse - please read this and this. If the country you reside in is making hard for you to buy PM's  - MOVE, for this is an indication of depredations to come. If they are requiring identification/ tracking if you buy over an X amount, just keep buying a little below it as many times as required (guerrilla warfare). But keep it discreet. And, yes, I know the government can confiscate PM’s but nothing’s stopping them from confiscating your fiat digits either. There are no guarantees in life. At least this way you still have a chance.

4. Although precious metals in your own possession is the safest place to park your hard earned savings, if you wish or need to diversify beyond the precious metals, invest only in real assets in safe jurisdictions. By safe I mean which are furthest from the control of feudal lords of western "civilization", although I'm not sure there are many these days. The best real asset I can think of aside from PM's is cultivable farming land, but I’m sure there are many others.

5. Where practically and legally feasible for you, stop paying back bankster debt. Starve them of the interest payments. If its cheaper to fight them in court than paying back, do it. Use their system against them. If you want to double the impact, use the fake debt-money you just appropriated from them to buy Gold and Silver[3].

6. Minimize usage of bankster money in daily transactions by using alternative currencies (such as Bitcoin) which they cannot track and tax. Disclaimer: I haven’t done much research on Bitcoin or other such p2p currencies, so do your due diligence. The only guarantees I can make are for Gold. If your circumstances permit, try to start making a living outside the bankster controlled wage-slave economy. The lesser number of slaves there are to exploit, the faster the system will collapse.

7. Wake up as many people as you can. Let's make this shit viral.

So, unless you want a bankster at your doorstep with a gun to your head – like it happened in Cyprus - it’s time to take the fight to them. Rip them banksters a new one! Let this not happen to you:

He who panics first, panics best. Clearly, these people didn’t know it!

And if there ever was a picture worth a thousand words – or 3,857 in this case J – this is it:


1. The Banks refer to both the Central Banks and ordinary commercial banks such as Citibank, JP Morgan etc. The latter are simply fronts for the Central Bank.

2. The Central Bank is nothing but just a façade for creating money out of thin air and a front for the global banking aristocracy.

3. I forgot to include this point. If you can think of any more ideas, feel free to email me at the email address provided on the right hand side or post them in the comments section below and I will include them in a subsequent post.


  1. excellent post - bullshit, meet bulldozer

  2. Gordon,

    This article is blocked for me at ZH. When I click your article a blank page comes up with your avatar at the top. I am in canada.


    1. Not sure what's the issue. But you can always read it on my blog. Let me know if you're having problems reading on the blog too.

  3. gordon - how it all wnet wrong?

    what would have happened if the 'people' of the world didnt buy homes or cars or credit card stuff over the last 13years. instead they lived within their means. the banks wouldnt have had a 'product' to collaterize/synthesize/etc. no derivative RMBS.

    sure life wouldnt have been as sparkly. no iphones or 60" lcd tv's no granite counter tops. no one borrowed money.

    the bankers are crooks the politicians are crooks but the people jumped on board and hung themselves.

  4. Simply an AWESOME article. Thanks for the great work....this piece needs to go viral....and then BOOM goes the system. Bravo GG!!

    1. Thanks Anon. I'm relying on folks such as yourself who are sick and tired of this system of legalized theft. Now we don't know for sure whether the system going to replace the resent one will be perfect, but what we do know for sure is that at least this one needs to die.

  5. Fine article, one little thing; by law, banks don't create money (FRNs); they create credit denominated in money. The banks are loaning you an I.O.U. money, of which, they have scarce little. The reason they have little amounts of money is because they have to buy that money from the Fed at face value. This means that they have to pay the Fed in assets of equal or greater value than the notes received. When a person withdraws money from a bank, they are depriving the bank of a fraction-able asset, which means they can't create as much credit as they could if the money were still in their possession. The FDIC gets their money the same way as banks; they have to buy them from the Fed with assets of equal or greater value. This means the FDIC is just as venerable to a bank run as the banks (The FDIC can re-credit accounts but they cannot handle any large demand for cash). The Fed is under no legal obligation to monetize bank accounts or the FDIC. If they can't afford to buy the notes, they go broke. As an aside, on one of the Fed's web sites there is a warning which states: Credit currency has no legal standing as money but all debts incurred through its use are legally binding.
    Note: All references to money in this little blurb are referencing "Legal Tender FRNs" and not real money, which is gold and silver.

    1. But that "credit", when it reaches the account of a third party becomes [fake] "money", doesn't it?

    2. It's still credit, a bank's obligation to redeem in legal tender money, when asked to do so by the account holder. There is no money in any bank account of any type anywhere in the entire westernized world; it's all credit, a promise to pay that the banks shuffle around from account to account and we use as if it were money. It is all debt. Also remember that credit has to be attached to an asset in order for it to function as credit. It exists for as long as the assets that back it retain their value and the banks that administer to it, remain solvent. If either one of those two fail, credit goes "POOF!", nothing in your bank account.
      The FRB will be the first to point out the difference between credit as currency and what they consider to be money, and all you have to do is google a simple question; "how much money is in circulation", the FRB has the top response with about 1.18 trillion (300 billion of that are USNs and U.S. coin). And that's supposed to cover the 8 trillion or so in bank accounts. Isn't "Fractional Reserved Banking" grand! That 1.18 trillion in actual FRNs should put to rest the silly notion the Bernanke has been "printing" with wild abandon.
      Now, if the FRB knows the difference between credit currency and actual money, don't you think it would be in everyone else's interest to know the difference as well? And to dispel the notion that the Fed will print to cover credit in bank accounts, all one has to do is remember why the FDIC was created and that should put a halt to that type of wishful thinking.
      When this system finally collapses, it's gonna be 1929 and the resulting 30's all over again, only this time, it will be with 300 million people, no industries and a well armed, totalitarian police state waiting. There will be no coming back from this one.
      If you have credit in the banks, get it out now because when this thing comes down, you're not going to ge a second chance.

    3. Cyprus explained:
      Technically, they are not confiscating people's accounts, they are salvaging the banks and the accounts so the people can retain their ability to pay taxes and service their debt. In a credit currency based system, when the bank that facilitates the credit goes bankrupt, all credit that populated people's accounts ceases to exist as credit and transforms into the bank's debt. In the past when this occurred, the banks were closed, their assets ceased and auctioned off and the depositors normally lost everything.

      Thanks to modern miracles in linguistics, the bank’s debt, which was formerly known as your bank account, is now, presto chango, Regulatory Capital! Regulatory Capital is a very thin veneer of bankster bullshit plastered over bankster debt, which gives it the appearance of being viable credit again. Then, this veneer of bullshit is applied to what used to be people’s bank accounts, thus giving them the appearance of containing funds that were never really there to begin with. And it is from these fantasy bank account funds that they shave the bank’s debt down to a more manageable amount, giving the bank the appearance of being solvent again. Of course, the people are out the amount shaved but at least they are getting something and the good part is, the bankster elite don’t have to pony up the capital to cover the insured amount.

      They're reducing the bank's debt with what used to be your money while maintaining your debt at full value..

    4. + Let’s not forget the multi-trillions in derivatives that hag in the balance if Cyprus and its banks were to actually default…

  6. Hat tip to GG, for bringing desperately needed awareness to all of us.
    I wonder, are all Swiss banking institutions out of the question?
    I hear some of them strictly avoid institutional investment.
    Client funds are supposedly invested only as clients advice.
    Small cantonal banks are in this category, I heard. Adler, Pictet, etc.
    Comments welcomed.

  7. Re: point you mean default on mortgage, loans and credit card debt...or simpy make MINIMUMpayment only and ont be in a hurry to pay off the loan?

    Ive wondered what hapens to all personal loans in this debt /bank implosion scenario....???

    1. I mean default where legally and practically possible. But its essential you do the due diligence on this yourself per your circumstances before taking any step. Minimum payments is the opposite of what I'm talking about. We don't know when it's gonna collapse, so making minimum payments would only feed the beast more. In fact minimum is what the banksters would love.

  8. It´s easy to explain but ordinary people are so trapped that hardly can´t do anything but wait. To invest in Gold, now, it´s too late. Gold is very expensive. Cultivable land.... etc... could be an easier solution to invest some of the money but not all you have. Perhaps some money thinking off the next generations. You need money for the everyday living. Taking the money away from the bank and buried in you garden..... Would that worth when the system colapses?Of course, NO. So, as you put it, only buying durable goods is a solution. Is there any optimistic view from your thinking? Because we know that there are people that are anouncing the end of the world from time to time and still didn´t happen!!!! Bea

    1. "To invest in Gold, now, it´s too late. Gold is very expensive." - Trust me, I heard the same thing countless times when Gold was 800, then 900, then 1000, then 1200...I think you get the picture. In a fiat money system - especially one that's on its last legs, it's NEVER a bad time to buy Gold. Stop buying Gold only if you think the following will happen:
      1. Central banks stop printing money
      2. Government stops issuing bonds/overall government debt is being paid off and starts declining.
      3. Bankers and government become honest, efficient and productive

      Sure, cultivable land is a very good option if you know how to manage and use it. But will be nowhere near as "profitable" as buying PM's. Yes there will be a time when Gold is no longer a good investment, but at least not till the current fiat money regime is in place.

      "Taking the money away from the bank and buried in you garden"

      Correction - take money away from the bank - BUY GOLD WITH IT - bury it in garden :-). I taking just this one step will make you very happy for the next few years to come.


  9. Gordon, excellent article. I hate to waste your time on mine and wife's specific situation. But being older persons in early 80's, we just see ourselves going down with the ship.
    We have no debt, credit card paid each month, live rather frugally, no paper investments.
    Some money in bank, remainder in IRA - I see both of these as vulnerable. Own house and car. SS, some other income and health ins. I see us as quite fortunate!
    The question is, do something besides go down with the ship - try and preserve and pass on to children!
    If u have any suggestions please pass on. I know u are a busy person, and if an answer is too time consuming and involved, I will understand.
    Your articles are outstanding, informed and welcomed and free - that is of great. benefit.

    1. I'm no investment advisor by any means so I can only tell what I would do in your situation. I will recommend that you buy as much PHYSICAL (and in your personal possession) Gold and Silver as possible (80% gold-20% silver maybe) -leaving aside a comfortable amount of cash for your day to day needs for a few years at least. This will achieve 3 things all at once:

      1. It will be a valuable inheritance for your successors unlike other paper investments which may become worthless in the near future.
      2. It will skyrocket in value even as the US currency and economy collapses.
      3. You get to stick-it to the corrupt people running the system.

      Please go thru the other articles on my blog to understand why you should be ALL IN precious metals at this time.

      Also make sure you buy from a genuine dealer even if you have to pay a little more. This is serious stuff. And I cannot emphasize this enough - pay cash only.

  10. nice post... if you guys keep this up ur gonna get huge in the blogosphere soon!
    Debt Collection